What time you take to deliver order?

We take 3-4 days (for metro cities) & 4-5 days (for the 2nd grade cities after metro cities) & delivery hours will be from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


How do I can track my Order?

We will provide you a tracking id by which you will be able to your order.


What are the Payment Options your website offers?

We receive payment via Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking. For more information please visit our Payment Options.


Do you keep stock of product?

We follow our agenda to deliver fresh products, so we ensure that product would be prepared freshly and the packaged product would be of far before the expiry date.


How to check product price and courier charges?

The price will be clearly mentioned with the product which includes handling, packaging, service charges etc. But the courier charges (least as possible) would be separately mentioned on the website.


How to place bulk order?

Go to the mentioned link “Bulk Order”.


Is this a website where food is stocked and sold?

No, we have created an online marketplace where we bring to you our country’s (India) finest confectionaries on a single platform. We do not stock products. When you place an order, your products are packed at the respective store and shipped directly from each chosen store to your preferred address. With no stocking, we ensure that you get the freshest product and in the shortest possible time.


How long does it take for my order to get delivered?

We aim to have your order delivered in 3-5 days. However, the actual timeframe for delivery is dependent on your location, the location of your chosen product and other logistical factors.

If I ordered Products from Multiple Brands, how will I receive the order?

If you choose from the products across brands/stores, then that particular store will pack its respective order and ship it to you immediately. All food products come directly from their store to your doorstep, without any aggregation/repackaging in between.

How products will be packed?

We take complete care of your products and ensure it reaches your doorstep, fresh and fine. We use hard corrugated boxes and bubbles wrap/crushed paper and pack the original packaging offered by the vendor. We make sure that no product loses its originality. Products like chocolate being shipped in the hot weather are packed in a temperature controlled package.

How will my order be delivered?

We have collaborated with majority of India’s best courier delivery services. Your order is picked and delivered directly to your doorsteps by our delivery partner.

How fresh will the product be on delivery?

Our partner brands will make sure that the products do not lose its freshness until it reaches your location. This ensures the longest possible shelf life for the ordered food.  Our intention is that you should have sufficient time to consume the food product from the time of delivery.

How is the Total Charge Calculated?

The final price for your order has the following components:

- Price of the product inclusive of its packaging & the applicable VAT/CST/GST

- Shipping charge for costs incurred towards logistics inclusive of the applicable service tax @15%